Being an exchange student is not as easy as you think. Firstly, you have to stay in a place where everything is different from where you come from. You have to stay in a new family, among people you don’t know. You have to adjust yourself and try your best.
There are many countries where you can go to on an exchange, it depends on your decision. Every country has “pros” and “cons”. Even though each country is different, an exchange can offer many new and great experiences.
I have chosen to go on an exchange to Germany, because of the country’s splendid and long history. In the last 2 months that I have stayed here, I have met many people. At first they seemed to be quite taciturn, but when I started to talk to them, they were really nice and friendly. Now I’m studying here at the ONG. This school offers me many opportunities. I don’t understand all the lessons because the language is so difficult, but my teachers and my friends try to explain the lessons to me. I’m grateful. Thank you! Although I am a stranger I am already a part of this school and have started making friends. I appreciate you all.
 I hope this year will be a great year, and I have  a lot of great experiences. The experience to live in another country you have is not comparable with anything else. You get to know a new culture by actually living as a family member in a Berlin family. You learn to be on your own, to accept the cultural differences, to adapt yourself and most of all “you learn to survive”. 
— remember one thing, you only live once.
Promkwan Varangrat