In January 2018 we went to the theatre „Distel“ and saw the play „Teenagers in Trouble“. The way was long but funny because we made lots of funny jokes. Well, when we arrived we had to wait. When we were in the theatre we sat down and were quiet, because we were a bit nervous.
The play is about a boy whose name is Dave, and a girl who is called Biggy. There is a love story between both of them. And there was a date with burgers, a lot of ketchup and french fries. The play ends with a kiss.
We liked the play very much and laughed a lot. We liked that they spoke clearly and the pronunciation was very good. The actors were great in their roles. I think that our whole class understood the play so well because we were prepared pretty well. It was not good that the actor who played Dave lost his text for a second, but it was good that he went ahead. Well, it is a very good play to teach English with a bit of fun.
Next to the theatre we saw a burger shop, but we weren’t allowed to eat a burger, because we had to go back to school. That wasn’t fair! That was our very fantastic day in the theatre.

By Charlotte, Louisa, Mia and Yen Nhi, class 6.2