Everyone hates exams, right? Well, this doesn’t always have to be true: For our English Advanced Class, Ms Patzak thought of something very special. So, instead of doing a “normal” second exam this term, we worked on a whole new project relating to Shakespeare’s famous play “Romeo and Juliet”. 

Our class was divided into four groups and each group was given a specific scene, each one in their own way thrilling, dramatic or tragic. Within just a week, all groups created an in-depth presentation as well as – wait for it! – their own TV commercial, relating to the given scene from “Romeo and Juliet”. 

But are a bunch of eleventh graders actually able to produce professional advertisements? You bet! There were the most extraordinary and diverse results, every one of them unique and convincing. In addition to that, the advertised products/services ranged from a perfume, a travelling agency, a power bank through to McDonald’s burgers.

All in all, this project was a nice change to all our previous exams, although it included some hard work, too. However, as a class, we overcame many challenges and created some terrific pieces of work. Just have a look for yourself!

Isabel Niesen