Taking the opportunity to expand our knowledge of different cultures spread all over the world, we – the two LK English – spent two days in the workshop “Bridging Cultures”. This global cultures education program which is organized by the Hope Foundation promotes intercultural relations and problems in developing countries. With this nonprofit and non-governmental organization we discovered other parts of the world like Asia, Africa and Latin America.

After getting divided into three groups (each for a continent) we focused on the most populous continent in the world – Asia. This extremely diverse continent offers lots of religions and cultures, as well as governmental systems, for example democracy in Indonesia. The state Indonesia consists of 17,000 islands and lays in the equator line. The fourth most populous country in the world has around 237 million inhabitants. Its capital is Jakarta.

During the workshop we got acquainted with Swastiti Sinayangsih, a young enthusiastic Indonesian woman who sets herself the goal to improve the situation of females in her country. In her opinion the project “Bridging Cultures” is a way to use the advantages of globalization to help the female gender in her country. Swastiti discussed the main issues of Indonesia with us: deforestation and human trafficking.

All in all, the entire workshop was a great experience. We learned a lot about different cultures in developing countries, especially in Indonesia. It was exciting and informative at the same time; additionally we had a lot of fun to create our own presentations with ideas to solve the given problems. We would recommend this workshop and hope you are going to have the opportunity to take part in it.

LKEng Tietz