Ein Semester lang hat der Leistungskurs Englisch Q3 von Frau Scholz sich dem brandaktuellen Thema Saving the planet gewidmet. Von sterbenden Walen zu schmelzenden Gletschern, von schwindendem Regenwald zu billigen Kleiderbergen, von endlosen Rapsfeldern zu ebenso großen Firmen mit angeblich umweltfreundlichen Produkten, von Mastanlagen zu Sonnenkollektoren, von Trump zu Greta Thunberg über Al Gore und Leonardo di Caprio, von der EU über Deutschland zu dir und zu mir. Wir haben Zeitungsartikel gelesen, Cartoons gezeichnet, Artikel geschrieben, Flyer entworfen, Dokumentationen geguckt, Mediationen verfasst, Statistiken ausgewertet, unsere Mitschüler unterrichtet … und schließlich Wissen und Emotionen in Gedichte gegossen. Lest selbst.

Ulrike Scholz
Fachleiterin Spanisch (komm.)

(das Foto ist vor der Verschärfung der Maßnahmen entstanden)

by Quentin Sky T. and Bill B.

In the beginning there was our home
It used to be so beautiful
Green and blue from the outside
it used to be
beautiful like a spring meadow
and filled with life like a beautiful bouquet

What is left of this once beautiful planet
Grey and more grey from the outside
now it is
plagued by depressing droughts and mass famines
but why?

The one who ruined this once beautiful place
it was a ginormous monster that consists of billions of creatures
with an intellect so sharp it could split the red sea in half
with arms so strong an entire mountain range could be moved
with feet so big he could even an entire city with a single step

You know this monster
more than you might think
more than you accept
more than you’re willing to admit

A Winter’s Day
by Nele V., Henriette S., Max B. and Patricia K.

Endless white surrounds me,
The air is freezing cold,
Mum’s fur is reflecting sunlight,
Her pelt glistens, bright
here it’s worth more than gold.

The bipeds have been chasing us,
Those screams of agony
I will never forget,
the look of my brother
as he lay dead.

I hear a bang from far away,
suddenly She becomes bloodless
we have become their prey
I run to hide and start to stun
“Look there is another one“.

Our planet
by Dominik H.

We love our planet,
it seems so nice,
most beautiful place,
that hits it precise.

Now look at you,
leaving a trace.
you filthy human,
you are a disgrace.

Polluting our planet,
this is not nice
destroying this place
that hits it precise.

Now look at it,
this dirty place,
all this dirt
it is a disgrace.

I was born into a world
By Jelena J. and Djamila F.

Told every day I needed my milk,
Needed my meat
Needed my cheese
And nothing else to eat.

But now I have my own mind,
Thoughts and responsibility not to be a loser.
I realised I need to take action
And join Friday’s for Future.

One day, will there be the possibility
To even raise my own child?
If we won’t change, there is no existing chance
of a life in the garden of earthly delights.

Big B’s adventures
by Young Kek, Fresh Flow feat. Yung Jan, BBBruno

One day there was a lonely bee
living in a lonely tree
so she went to explore
and met a man named Al Gore

the bee asked about its empty hive
Al Gore said climate change took out their life
the bee and Al Gore went on a trip
and started to make an environmental hit

the song was about lovely flowers
and the bees’ superpowers
how they stopped fertilizing and flying
and we are the reason they are dying

Turn up the volume
by Annette P. and Anastasia B.

The window of the train against my face
over the landscape my gaze
wanders and strays,
the music takes my mind to another place.

The music gets softer,
I’m a ten-year-old daughter
my lungs fill with air
autumn leaves everywhere.

The scene is changing,
My thoughts are rearranging
I’m at the top of the Alps
skiing down the ramps.

The space around me
changes to a sunny sea
I’m partying in Greece
taking shots, enjoying the breeze.

But the storm doesn’t soften,
it tears me apart,
the beach turns to fire
there is no turning back.

A Tsunami arises,
flooding the bay,
the Alps are covered
the music fades away
as does the land.