Zum Abschluss des Homeschoolings vor den Osterferien, hier ein paar poetische Ostergrüße aus dem Englischunterricht der 10.1 bei Frau Thiele.

Easter Surprises!
(Nicole Nguyen, 10.1)

A busy Easter bunny should come to you
and hide some colorful Easter eggs in one shoe.
as you can’t run away, perhaps only in May.
Stay at home or go to church to pray.

Who does not love Easter eggs?
Yellow, red and blue…
A bunch of Easter eggs just
for me and for you.

We all love Easter eggs,
they are just like candy or sweets
Easter eggs! Easter eggs!
Are good to eat!

Now go and hide in your yard, wait for the cute bunny
if you’ll catch him, it will be very funny!
Not catching him is also fine
This way we can still finish our rhyme~

This tradition is a wonderful one made…
So let this magic charm never fade

Happy Easter Holidays!

Easter poem
(Elisa Steinhofer, 10.1)

Easter is coming soon
and we shouldn’t hide in our room
because of corona everything’s confused
while I’m amused
about my two little dogs
who are jumping in the garden like frogs.

I need to prepare my Easter gifts
and hope no one in my family sniffs
Soon we will play hide and seek
and maybe find a little chocolate sheep

I hope I’ll get to some flowers bloom
and not someone in a rabbit costume
I’m really looking forward to it
but until then I’ll knit

Happy Easter!